This is BOB!
He likes to dream
a lot! But it’s time
to wake up!

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Will BOB wake
up in one piece?
Will BOB wake
up in one piece?

BOB’s a massive movie fan. He loves superheroes, villains, cult icons and he’d love to be them. One night BOB falls into a sleep so deep, all his fantasies merge into one big dream!

Shifting from one character to another he feels he’s living the dream! Will he wake up in one piece? Or a mash-up of his fantasies?

445 versions of BOB’s dreams, 50 of which will be complete rare sets, will be minted into the Ethereum blockchain. Which BOB will wakeup on your screen?

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The Road Map
BOB is here to stay!
Phase 1
Quality is what best defines each BOB. Our vision is not only to create the best-looking 3D NFT out there, but to also establish a connection between community members and BOB. We are committed to going the extra mile to ensure that the quality of our first drop is on par with what BOB dreams of.
Phase 2
We will work with our members to use the funds of the community wallet and all holders will be airdropped a free NFT in April. Holders of at least one of our first MeetBOB NFTs plus the free NFT will be involved in the decision-making process as they will define the items used in our next collection.
Phase 3
Our goal is to bridge the gap between art & collectibles, and we can all agree that BOB would make an amazing figurine! MeetBOB NFTs will be 3D printed as collectible figurines and will be available for purchase in our Merch Store. In addition, our Merch Store will offer community members the opportunity to obtain Limited Edition tees, posters and other goodies.
Phase 4
Our first drop is based on some of the most iconic movie characters. However, we are sure you have many more great ideas on what other characters BOB dreams of becoming. Our third drop, aimed at holders of at least one of our original MeetBOB NFTs, will allow you to mint an expansion pack consisting of three rarity categories and no less than 1,000 items. This expansion pack will enable holders to assign a custom render to their BOB and transform the NFT.
Phase 5
Explore new ideas in BOB's metaverse! We've only had a glimpse of what BOB dreams of. With the NFT you purchase, you’re not only given a 2D render, but also the ability to use a full body character ready to be rigged and join the Metaverse as an avatar and a decorated object. Moreover, we’re planning to develop and launch a video game featuring unique MeetBOB assets and skins. We know BOB has huge potential and creating a video game starring your own BOB unlocks many possibilities for each holder.
The Dream
We strive to create a seamless experience for our community, creating a strong Visual Brand that bonds well with the original 3D artwork. Each and every BOB will be single rendered in 2K. All attributes are fully textured, model resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency and none of the renders has undergone any post-processing. Each and every version of BOB has gone through thorough visual and technical quality assessment.
3D Designer
Creative Director
Social & Digital Designer
Join the Community
MeetBOB Discord is up and running counting more members every day. Be a part of the ever growing #MeetBOB community! Join us and tune in to hear our latest announcements first!